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Introduction to Jollytots

Jollytots day Nursery is a 90 place nursery located in Pontyclun. Our main priority is providing a nourishing environment in which children can learn and flourish. As nursery nurses we have a lot of experience in what children like and what can really help them develop and grow. In this blog we would love to use those skills to help you create this same environment at home.

We would also love to share our experiences of certain milestones throughout the early years to help you through these sometimes very difficult times (potty training is way at the top).

If you have any ideas for any blog posts you would like us to discuss please give us a message on facebook.

So if youre looking for more insight into our nursery or just for some fun activities for your kids to do on the weekend then here is the place to be!


play. learn. grow.

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